hello, I'm Aurora

Senior UI/UX Designer.
I'm a problem solver, a data analyser and interpreter.


Web/UX/UI design, identity, infography, illustration

EasyView app - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI

Safire EasyView

Research, UX, UI, web design

SuperClub, an UX project - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI


Research, UX, UI, visual design

Visual app examples - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI

App examples

UI, visual design

Web examples - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI

Web examples

Web design, visual design

Benchmarking - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI


Research, UX

Wireframes - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI



Infography examples - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI

Infography examples

Visual, graphic design

Illustration examples - Aurora Sanz's portfolio - UX and UI

Vector illustrations



When a company wants to release a new product, I try to answer the questions about WHO our users are, HOW they are going to use our product (WHERE and WHEN), and WHY they are going to use it instead one from our competitors. These questions will be answered through the research process.

Firstly, I always ask the company’s stakeholders about our users. It’s important that the own company people know about their clients or final users. Sometimes, thanks to the research process, the company can find new users or realize about new customer needs.

Although our product may be new, I can find inspiration in other similar apps, websites, services,... and I always wonder why they are successful.

With the stakeholders, we try to find the specifications and create the information architecture and workflows for our product.

We can get a better idea of the complexity of the product with the help of wireframes, low fidelity designs. They are really quick to change and improve. If necessary, they will evolve into prototypes that are usually more interactive.

Sometimes, I have to work with developers from different platforms (iOS, Android, web...) at the same time. They will probably need specific screens to start implementing our product. With their help, we decided which wireframes/prototypes I need to design first. It's really important (and this can save a lot of money and time) to test them with users to validate them.

This whole process will probably require some iterations to improve our designs. Our team has to focus its efforts on launching a Viable Minimum Product (VMP) in each 'sprint', in the case that we work with Agile.

Some platforms often have their own design principles or specifications, such as Material Design for Google products. I am always aware of these differences when designing the final product.


Aurora Sanz's photo - UX and UI designer

Hi! I'm Aurora. I'm a senior UI/UX designer from Spain.

I have experience in graphic design, web design, HTML, CSS, UI and UX. I was fortunate enough to have worked in many different sectors (marketing, food industry, insurance, media, IoT, etc.) and learn from various experts in their field.

As a designer, I am a problem solver. I find the best solutions by researching the customers’ needs and creating design products that address these needs. I am curious and innovative, constantly look for new ways to research, design, and implement new methodologies.

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I’m a team player. I really think that (almost) everyone has experience or knowledge to contribute to enrich a design or product. And most importantly, I mix well with developers. Sometimes they are misunderstood and forgotten, and through my knowledge as a web designer, I have come to consider developers as an integral part of the team.

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